Haslett Athletic Director seeks permission for hockey team to travel to Ohio

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Elementary children from the Haslett music program play before the school board at the beginning of the meeting.

Elementary children from the Haslett music program play before the school board at the beginning of the meeting.

Haslett Athletic Director Darin Ferguson is seeking out the request to send the Eastside Stars Hockey Team to Strongsville, Ohio. At the Haslett school board meeting, Ferguson spoke about the requirements for the team to make the trip as well as the agenda during the trip.

The competition is the Strongsville Hockey Association’s 12th Annual Walter F. Ehrnfelt High School Hockey Tournament held during the Martin Luther King Weekend, (Jan. 15-18).

The Eastside Stars is composed of players from Haslett, Williamston, East Lansing, Bath and Laingsburg. They compete locally against other schools such as Okemos, Holt and Mason.

“The team has traveled to Ohio for this tournament for about 10 years now. The trip meets the travel requirements of staying under 400 miles, and the hotel is close to the rink, so there will be relatively no travel once we get there,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson explained the funding for the trip would be through parent-athlete fundraisers. The team just needs approval from the school to take the student-athletes out of the state.

“It will be good for the team to get experience playing schools from other states, and it’s nice to keep the tournament tradition going,” said treasurer David Martell.

Haslett School Board President Kristin Beltzer sees no problem with the request, “As long as they stay within the boundaries that we give them, we would enjoy allowing them to once again venture off to Ohio. We love giving our students exciting opportunities and experiences.”

The Stars will face the Strongsville Mustangs and several other teams for the four days they are there.

The Mustangs will host the tournament at their home rink, OBM Arena. The tournament will host teams from Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Canada.

Coming off a recent league win in 2012-13, Eastside is looking to finish in the upper half of the CAAC standings once again.

The Eastside Stars, ranked 3rd in the Capital Area Conference, are looking to use this tournament as a stepping stone to improving their performance.

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