Grand Ledge city officials are friends as well as colleagues

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By Paige Wester
Living In The Ledge Staff Reporter

On Oct. 26, the city of Grand Ledge was having its last city council meeting with current elected officials, ahead of elections that were occurring within the next week.

Everyone sat in their typical spots and went about their business and normal conversations, while the chairs in the audience for Grand Ledge residents were all empty.

According to The City of Grand Ledge, the agenda for the meetings are posted every week for the public to go over topic of conversation if they want to join.

Conversations such as downtown development, tree board and planning commission were all topics of conversations, but nonetheless, behind those suits was a typical everyday guy who loved what they do.

Adam Smith, city administrator for the city of Grand Ledge said, “I enjoy what I do and the people I work with.”

The mood in the room was light and airy with laughs here and there, but always went back to the conversation of how to improve Grand Ledge.

“Although I have been in the city management business for over a decade, I have only had the opportunity to serve the Grand Ledge City Council since last November,” said Smith.

Even with only serving Grand Ledge for just over one year, Smith feels like he was welcomed with open arms and trusted his colleagues immediately.

“Overall, the Grand Ledge City Council, quite simply, is interested in what is best for the community,” said Smith. “It is that belief, attitude, and mindset that makes city management a very enjoyable experience in Grand Ledge.”

Michael Price, a Grand Ledge resident, said that he has never personally been to a city council meeting, but he said there really isn’t any reason for him to go.

“With such a small city, there aren’t huge problems that I feel like I need to give my input on,” said Price. “I feel like our city council members do a good job with keeping things in order and on track and if I felt like something was off I would give my thoughts, but I haven’t had to do that in the 15 years I have lived here.”

Price, who has loved living in Grand Ledge and raising his family here, has had a very nice and peaceful life. He said most people are pretty down-to-earth and agree on most issues when it comes to the city of Grand Ledge.

“I trust our city council members because Grand Ledge has been doing so well for years,” said Price. “We have good employment rates, great schools and just a tight-knit city.”

According to Shelly Ruth, a Grand Ledge resident, not only are the city council members great people, but the police officers, firefighters as well as just the people that live here are really genuine people.


City of Grand Ledge Police Department. Photo by Paige Wester

“Even though I have never attended a city council meeting, I trust the people working for our city and that they will make the right decisions,” said Ruth. “It is nice knowing that your city is in good hands.”

For more information regarding the city of Grand Ledge or City Council meetings please visit Grand Ledge Home

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