Global Warming or golf gods?

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Taylor Perkins stands out on the patio of Brookshire Inn & Golf Club.

Taylor Perkins stands out on the patio of Brookshire Inn & Golf Club.

By TJ Morris
The Williamston Post

Sunny in November is perfect for golfers and golf course business. Extended warm weather has made it possible for the golf season to be extended.

Some golfers may say it’s just the work of golf gods. All in all, the warm weather has been good for golf courses.

Most golf courses often close for the season after or around Halloween, that’s not the case this year. Through the first week of November, golf courses such as Brookshire Inn & Golf Club continue to get business.

A longer season adds to Brookshire’s total revenue for the year. Owner Dave Mahaney said the warm weather has been really good for business.

“Probably have had a 70 percent increase in business in fall golf, compared to last year,” said Mahaney.

Mahaney considers fall golf to be from Oct. 1 till Brookshire closes for the season. Since he also owns a restaurant the golf course stays open till snow flies.

Pro shop worker and bartender Taylor Perkins says she has noticed the increase in business this fall.

“More people have been coming from out of town,” said Perkins. “Multiple people have told me they called off of work to come golf.”

Extended warm weather also has other positives. The second largest positive is the effect it has had on the grounds of the golf course.

“We aerify greens in the last week of September, now with this extra growing season it gives the holes time to close up. So, this warm weather will help with greens in the spring,” said Mahaney.

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