Cooking for college

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College is an exciting time for young people to learn how to adjust to living as an adult. However, there are obviously a lot of challenges. For example, figuring out whether to cook up a healthy homemade meal or ordering out pizza again. Obviously eating at home is much more healthy, but learning to make time for cooking and figuring out what to eat can be tricky.

Danielle Keith is a Sophomore at Michigan State University writes a nutrition blog and eats her own cooking. Keith says she tries to cook every meal of the day.

She makes more time in morning to create breakfast and makes lunches the day before. She says she’s also save a bit of money from making food herself. Keith said “In the dorms I know I spend a lot of money on restaurants, you know, because the dorm food wasn’t too great.”

When it comes to what to eat, it may not be as complicated as some people think. Dr. Schwartz of MSU’s college of osteopathic medicine says to “follow your body.” This basically means eating foods that you enjoy and make you feel good.

Of course eat everything in moderation and avoid processed foods as much as possible. She also suggests eating organic foods as much as possible.

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