Capital Area Transportation Authority look to encourage transit use

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IMG_0433Jamal Larry Tyler
Meridian Times

CATA will soon execute its Transit-Oriented Development Land Use Plan and Form-Base Code. The plan’s concept is to develop a unique form-base code that encourages businesses to develop in a way to encourage transit to business users.

“We want to bring buildings to the front and move parking lots. The parking lots should be placed in the back and require less parking. That way we have an environment that looks more like East Lansing. In the sense people can walk right in and out of businesses,” said Debbie Alexander, assistant executive director of CATA.

The project that is being put in motion is supporting or preparing for the Bus Rapid Transit. BRT projects are known to spur economic development. BRT is a higher speed, dedicated lane, station based transit line.

The $1.2 million grant will involve the public in cultivating the character of districts along the corridor. This will stretch 8 ½ miles from Lansing to Meridian Township. It will have four jurisdictions: Lansing and East Lansing, Lansing Township and Meridian Township.

“We want it to where when someone comes to the corridor it complements their personality,” said Alexander. The expectation is to have this plan fully underway in the next three to six months. “Once we get the ball rolling we have two years from that time to get the grant. Doing preparatory work as of now,” said Alexander.

“This is a pilot grant program and when we saw it made sense we capitalized. Municipalities seem for it and it was flexible with mixed use,” said Lane Masond, system planner of CATA.

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