Access to sewer service divides people

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IMG_0068 (1)By Caroline Serritella
The Meridian Times

Battles between homeowners and the Township Board are constant. There’s always something that could be fixed and improved within Meridian. There was discussion about Kansas Road’s sewers in Okemos during the Nov. 3 township meeting.

“We recently bought a property and we’re trying to build a new home from what was there for our family,” resident Margaret Chalupa said.

Currently the issue runs along the single strip of Kansas Road among numerous houses, but only the houses that have been left alone.

“The only people who are in favor of this are those that own the land but don’t live on it. It’s vacant,” resident Carlene Hooker said.

Homeowners living on their properties who have no issues are hesitating towards corporation, due to the future costs and construction in the neighborhood.

“I’m extremely opposed to this considering it’ll put a huge financial burden on people who are sick or elderly,” Hooker said.

The board been claimed that to put in the sewer system, it would damage the neighborhood by digging out roads, landscapes which would be disrupt the elderly and sick within the area.

As Lupa sat down, people against the installment turned around and whispered to him that, “there are other options.”

“We will set a meeting to hear objections and discuss in our next meeting the next step as to whether or not to go forward or reject it,” Clerk Brett Dreyfus said.

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