What to do in Lansing?

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View of the Capitol Building in Downtown Lansing. Photo by Tyler Austin

By Tyler Austin
Listen Up, Lansing staff reporter

Lansing is home to a great list of attractions and activities that seem to go under the radar for many of its residents. Things like parks, festivals and museums are just a few things that the Greater Lansing area has to offer its community but there are also other ways to make your own fun.

Since Lansing is the fifth-largest city in Michigan it only makes sense that every person won’t know about every single thing going on. However, each group of people, depending on what they’re interested in, have their own community within Lansing.

Photo outside of The Loft in Downtown Lansing.

The Loft in Downtown Lansing is one of the many hot spots for music. Photo by Tyler Austin.

Some people in the younger crowd that are interested in the music industry here in Lansing tend to flock towards the places that offer live music.

One resident, Wayne Weigel, has lived in the Lansing area for most of his adult life. Although he finds joy in the simpler aspects of the city; bowling, movies and park dates with his family, he is still a big music junkie.

He occasionally likes to attend shows at The Loft, a music venue in the downtown Lansing area.

“There’s not much going on in the music scene in Lansing,” Weigel said. “Every now and
then they’ll have some good acts though.”

Music venues, like the loft and many others house some of the most interesting talent in

Flyer for one of the most recent acts scheduled to play at The Loft.

Flyer for one of the most recent acts scheduled to play at The Loft.

the area, allowing residents with interest in getting involved with the music industry the chance to not only enjoy themselves but to spread the word about their own music, as well.

Other residents like Jean Payne, who’ve worked and lived in the Lansing area for their whole lives, often find ways to make their own fun. Payne has a lot of activities that she likes to incorporate into her daily routines, among one of her favorites is walking.

“I walk,” Payne said. “Me and a few friends get together at around 6:45 every morning and walk around.”

Payne changes her route occasionally but likes to stick to walking around the Lansing Mall. The ever changing venues and people are interesting and keep her entertained during her daily exercises.

Some of those venues include clothing stores, The Regal Cinema and a new bar/restaurant called Tequila Cowboy that’s set to open in late November.

But with there being so many families in the Lansing area, good family fun isn’t hard to come by either.

According to Kristina Kauffman of the Lansing Visitors Bureau there are plenty of places to find updated family oriented activities; pamphlets, brochures and the Visitors Bureau are some of the most obvious examples. For visitors though, one of the more accessible sources would be lansing.org.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.41.31 AM

10 of the top attractions in the Lansing area according to Trip Advisor. Click to enlarge.

The Lansing visitor’s guide lists over 150 amazing things to do for people of all ages; from sports and leisure to dining and nightlife.

No matter what your niche Lansing is a place where you can find something catered to your specific interests.

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