Small Business development

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Though it can be a satisfying experience, open your own business is a huge undertaking. This undertaking is one that Trisha Berakovich took with her husband in opening her own small business on Grand River Ave. Velvet, A Candy store, has been open for around three months and serves ice cream, chocolates, cup cakes and other sweets. Though Berakovich says that business is going very well for them, it was not easy to move in.


“We came a year early and scouted out different locations and when we finally decided on a location it probably took about five months to build out,” Berakovich said about the process time commitment for building their business. However, Lori Mullins says that the East Lansing community has resources to help ease the process of entering as a local business. Mullins, who is the Economic and Agricultural administrative director for East Lansing, said that business adds character and pride to the community.”Small businesses bring jobs and vitality,” Mullins said, ” and bring character to a community.”


Berakovich said that Velvet brings everything sweet into the East Lansing community. In college town East Lansing, business comes and goes, but there always seems to be a steady stream of newcomers trying their luck around the Michigan State University campus.

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