Sale of Meridian Asset Resource Center and fire station approaches

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By Jamal Larry Tyler
The Meridian Times

On Oct. 6 Meridian Township Board discussed the sale of the Central Fire Station at 2150 Clinton St. and The MARC at 4675 Okemos Road. Township Manager Frank Walsh brought everyone up to date about the details of when construction might begin and said Evergreen Companies was the best deal.

The deal, which was set to be signed by Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus and Township Supervisor Elizabeth LeGoff on Oct.1, is now null and void because LeGoff has been ill. The board put a plan in motion to allow the township clerk and manager to get the deal done on Oct. 7.

“We negotiated the best deal we could on behalf of the township, next best offer was $350,000 roughly and they wanted tax credits,” said Walsh. The actual purchase price was $560,000 and the developer was able to walk away from the deal if he found something that was wrong. Evergreen Companies found a great deal of asbestos in the fire station. The board agreed to make the deal $525,000. After taxes and real estate fees it is roughly $494,000.

Evergreen Companies have until Dec. 31, 2017, to get a residential building permit. If not the $35,000 rebate is mute on Jan. 1, 2018. The sale price of $494,000 will go into the Meridian Township’s bank account and $35,000 will be held if Evergreen Companies does what was proposed.

Treasurer Julie Brixie said, “As we move forward with selling the MARC, I know myself as well as others are becoming a little sad. The MARC was a nice hub for entrepreneurial activity. If it meets with the board’s wishes I would like us to put a resolution of appreciation for Marsha Madle and others.”

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