Live entertainment in Grand Ledge? You bet!

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By Devinnia Moore
Living In The Ledge staff reporter

Alissa Ruckert outside the Sun Theater.

Alissa Ruckert and Allison Ramors are sitting outside the Sun Theater on a bench, chit-chatting before class. A conversation opens up about seeing their favorite artists.

“I would drive all the way out to Illinois to hear my favorite band,” said 19-year-old Ruckert.

Depending on the type of music you like, finding live entertainment can be a no-brainer in Grand Ledge, but others travel to Lansing, Detroit, or even further to see their favorite artists.

“There is plenty of live entertainment right here in downtown Grand Ledge,” said one of those live entertainers, Shawn VanSteeland.

VanSteeland does it all from wedding planning to DJing at the Whiskey Barrel.  However he still manages to help put on The Grand Ledge Music in the Park concert series. This series of live entertainment are held June until August every Thursday at Bridge Street Plaza.

“It is an older crowd but we have fun and we have a great turn out,” said VanSteeland.

Grand Ledge has a population of about 7,783 people and VanSteeland predicted a range of 300 to 1,000 people come out to experience the shows. 

“The money we raise from the sponsors pays for the bands,” said VanSteeland

 VanSteeland said how connections make it easy to get artists to come perform. Sponsors such as PNC Bank, just to name a few, help as well.

“We have worked hard to bring top name local acts and acts from around Michigan to Grand Ledge,” said VanSteeland

For six years VanSteeland and his team have worked to keep live entertainment going here.

“I love all kinds of music … I enjoy live entertainment and its easy to find it right here,” said Ramors.

Ruckert and her friends enjoy going to see the live entertainment because sometimes they know the artist personally. The support in the community is strong.

“Grand Ledge has many festivals and parades year round that the community supports. I feel that is why people really enjoy living in this town,” said VanSteeland.




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