Food trucks are making a mark in Lansing

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By Sheryl Levitt
Listen Up, Lansing staff reporter

Local food trucks are putting a whole new spin on to-go style food in Lansing.

For consumers, the appeal is obvious.

“It’s the ease of access, people can leave their office or workplace and go get some food,” said Andy Northrop, an extension educator at Michigan State University.

Northrop also spoke to the specialization of menus on food trucks. He suggested that these pop-up restaurants offer specific foods made very well.

Some of Lansing’s food trucks include El Oasis, The Purple Carrot, and Good Truckin’ Food.

Although restaurants have been closing, more and more food trucks keep popping up. Northrop thinks this is happening because food trucks offer more flexibility and independence than brick and mortar restaurants.

“I think they’re becoming more popular for entrepreneurs because there’s a lot less overhead than opening up a brick and mortar,” said Northrop. “They were once seen as a blue-collar type thing outside an industrial factory. Now they’re not.”

Northrop also believes that pop-up restaurants will continue surviving, and may even cause brick and mortar eateries to lose business.

“I believe it’s a build it and they will come type of mentality,” Northrop said.

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