Firemen’s Association serves up breakfast and safety

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By Megan Cochrane
The Williamston Post

Firefighters served up more than food Oct. 10 at the sixth annual pancake breakfast and open house at the fire station at 1296 W. Grand River Ave.

The event’s purpose was to teach about fire prevention as part of national fire prevention week. It also raised money for the Williamston Firemen’s Association, said Tony Worth, president of the group. The money buys new equipment for the department and is donated to organizations such as the food bank. The Boy Scouts also receive a donation for loaning the association cooking appliances and equipment for the event.

Chief Bill Siegel said firefighters visited local schools during the week, teaching about fire prevention methods, smoke alarms, dialing 911 in emergencies and the stop, drop and roll procedure. These interactions also allow children to see firefighters in full gear so the kids will not be scared should a firefighter ever come to help them.

“We enjoy it. We like getting out in the community… It’s fun getting involved (and) seeing all the kids,” said Worth.

Williamston resident and Fowlerville High School Principal Brad Lusk said, “It’s a good cause for the department … and the kids have a great time with it. It’s a win–win.” Lusk said his son Reece enjoyed seeing the firefighters and trucks at school during the week.

Long-time Williamston resident Cloyce Odell and his wife, Judy Odell, agreed that the event is for a good cause and said the turnout is usually great.

“I come every year. I just enjoy coming here. They have a nice breakfast. Haven’t missed one,” said Cloyce Odell.

Siegel said turnout is typically 375 to 500 people. He said he most enjoys seeing and interacting with Williamston residents.

Lt. Reggie Shuck, former president of the association, agreed.

“They see us out and about doing the dirty stuff, fighting fires and doing extrications on vehicle accidents … and then just to interact with the public, it’s good for both sides,” said Shuck.

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