City rebrands water plant

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By Zach Robertson
Entirely East Lansing

The Wastewater Treatment Plant has been renamed the Water Resource Recovery Facility to reflect its
$65 million renovation. The East Lansing City Council approved the change, which the Department of Public Works hopes will stress the work done there by city employees. The renovation began last spring.

Five Water Resource Recovery employees and City Manager George Lahanas attended the Oct. 6 council meeting.

At the meeting, Lahanas said residents see police officers, firefighters and other public works employees, but do not see the work the water facility employees do. By changing the name, Lahanas said the plant would benefit from increased publicity, and employees’ work would be better represented in the community.

Director of Public Works Scott House said the renaming primarily stemmed from a misconception about the work the facility does.

“What the facility does is take water out of the environment, cleans it, and puts it back out in as good of condition if not better,” House said. “The old name really did not make it clear that the work the employees do restores the resource.”

After shaking hands with each Water Resource employees, Mayor Pro Tem Diane Goddeeris endorsed the name change and called the plant’s work critical.

“(Water plant employees) don’t often get accolades for the work that they do to make what comes out of our faucets and what we take for granted,” said Goddeeris. “So I can say thank you on behalf of my family and the rest of the community.”

Mayor Nathan Triplett echoed Goddeeris’ support.

“My personal opinion is that the new name of the facility more accurately reflects the work and the importance it has to the community.”

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