Roads to be Fixed in Mason

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By Kelley Waterfall
The Mason Times

There’s nothing better than driving on nice paved roads. The City of Mason is starting some $2 million in projects for road repairs throughout the city.

Marlon Brown, mayor pro tem, said “There is a charter requirement for the city of $4 million dollars each year for road repairs.” The money comes from state and government grant funding as well as tax revenues.

In most cases the fixes being done will be repairing potholes and cracked roads. However some roads underground structures will be repaired, along with water sewer lines, and even better cross walks and street lights.

Residents who live on streets that will be on will be given advance notice, and this will be done in the least intrusive way, said Brown.

“The repairs will stretch throughout the summer,” said Brown. “The work on roads will alternate to minimize inconvenience for citizens, and one lane will remain open during construction.”

Brown said this is good for the community because all roads throughout the state are in poor condition. “It’s not always up to the state but up to the local cities,” said Brown.

“We are lucky to do this in our own city and it’s good we are able to do this on our own as a community,” said Brown.

Road work started this week and will continue until late September.

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