Proposal One in Clinton County

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Jacob Herbert
Clinton County Chatter

When Michigan voters head to the voting booths today, Proposal One will be a one of the top issues being voted on. For years, Michigan drivers have had to deal with pothole after infuriating pothole out on the roads. Many are wondering when this issue will finally be solved.

Proposal One would raise the Michigan State tax from 6 to 7 percent, in part to pay for road work. That one percent raise will go towards repairing Clinton County as well as all Michigan roads. Supporters of the bill say that it is an imperfect but necessary step towards fixing Michigan’s damaged roads.

While it would be a great thing for Michigan roads to be fully repaired, it is going to have to come at a cost. According to, taxpayers would see a tax hike would average $545 per household, or $45 a month.

The main question coming from taxpayers is that of where is all the revenue acquired from the sales tax increase will go. says $1.25 billion for roads, $127 million for public transit, $320 million for education and $109 million in state revenue-sharing to local governments.

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