Head to the Parks of Mason

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Gazebo at Griffith Park as the sun sets, where people can enjoy beauty and nature.

By Kelley Waterfall
The Mason Times

With the weather starting to warm the more people are being seen out and about. For the city of Mason, people head to the beautiful parks all throughout the city.

Mason has characteristics of a city but also has a high appreciation for natural spaces, which is what the parks are for, said Marlon Brown, mayor pro tem.

“Mason has different parks that are unique and meet special needs, such as Griffin Park which is small, close to downtown and simple,” said Marty Colburn, city administrator.

Bigger parks, such as Rayner Park, are set to open April 1. Rayner Park offers the ability to drive in, water, trees, open space and walkways.

“Rayner Park is actually very special to the community,” said Brown. The park was once a county park that was going to close.  Then the city and volunteers worked to keep the park open.  Over $1 million was put into restoring the park. To this day the city maintains and keeps the park open, said Brown.

The lovely weather and sun have people outside more said Colburn. “I see people in and out of the library more, without coats on, walking their dogs, and in the parks.”

Parks in Mason offer walkways, picnic areas, pavilions, water bodies, basketball courts and baseball fields.

“It’s great to have beauty and natural spaces in a community where people can enjoy recreation,” said Brown.

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