Schools update with cyber-bullying policies

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By Teresa Fata
The Williamston Post

The April 20 school board meeting for Williamston Community Schools began with a public hearing about cyber-bullying amendments to the district’s Bullying Policy and Rules.

Although the bullying policy had been updated in 2012, it was updated again to include cyber-bullying.

Later during the school board meeting, the members of the school board unanimously voted to revise the policy to include cyber-bullying, which is defined as aggressive behavior toward another person that takes place via any type of electronic communication was never explicitly stated in the 2012 bullying policy.

The updated policy says that any students who feel they’re victims of cyber-bullying should report the issue to their principal or assistant principal, whereas before that was only the case for bullying and/or hazing.

After the meeting, many parents expressed joy that the update had been approved, including parents who don’t allow their kids much time on social media or the Internet, stating that regardless of how much time they spend on the Internet, the update makes them feel more comfortable allowing their children to spend time on the Internet.

Board President Marci Scott said  “(I) absolutely (think the update was necessary). The 2012 version didn’t have cyber-bullying called out specifically,” said Scott. “The revised school code has Matt’s Safe School Law, and so this is what charged us with, and charged all of the districts with adding these kind of things to it. It’s a really nice connection.”

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