Buildings to be re-done in Mason

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The buildings of 124 and 140 E. Ash St. being re-done

By Kelley Waterfall
The Mason Times

The buildings of 124 and 140 E. Ash St. date back to the 1860s when Mason was just an emerging city, and are now getting a new look.

The two buildings are the oldest buildings in the downtown area said Marlon Brown, mayor pro tem.

The buildings have now been vacant for almost a decade, foreclosed, empty and were slowly falling apart, said Marty Colburn, city administrator.

“The plans for the buildings are to have commercial businesses on the first floor and have apartments on the top floors,” said Brown.

The apartments will consist of 10 single-bedroom loft style apartments with an elevator that will take you to the floors.


Kincaid Henry is the building development group leading this project.

Colburn says that he thinks the downtown apartment style will appeal to college students and recent graduates.

As far as the first floor goes, Oracle Financial will own the buildings and have its offices located on the first floor.

This project promotes reusing old buildings over tearing them down, and the saving of historic buildings said Colburn.

The project proposed in late September will cost around $2.75 million. The money came from partnerships and grants through the county.

Colburn says this should add to the downtown core and is very excited for it to be finished.

Applications for the apartments are currently available.

The project is hoped to be completed at some point this summer.


Plan details on display for citizens to see.


The building under construction and blocked off to the public.


A view from across the street of the buildings being re-done.

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