Adult golf clinic taught at Hawk Hollow

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By Emily Nagle
The Meridian Times

Director of Golf Instruction Jason Guss at Hawk Hollow teaches adults looking to improve their fundamental golf skills every Tuesday during a clinic for Meridian Township residents.

For five weeks, those who signed up for the class go to Hawk Hollow Golf Course for an hour to learn the basic skills necessary to become better golfers.

Some of the attendees are experienced and some are not, but Guss works with all levels.

Golfers signed up for the class through Meridian Township’s website, which always includes many events residents could get involved in.

“It brings community together,” said Meridian Township resident Ellery Hess. “You have all these people from diverse backgrounds here. There’s inexperienced people, there’s experienced people, and we’re all coming together to golf.”

Meridian Township reached out to Guss and Hawk Hollow about continuing the Golf Clinic two years ago, even though it has been going on for several years longer.

“It’s kind of Eli and Hawk Hollow’s way of giving back to Meridian Township and thanking them for the golfers they send to us during the summer,” Guss said.

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