School Board takeover of parks discussed

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By Emily Cervone
Living In The Ledge

The Grand Ledge Public School Board late last month addressed the long-standing issue of the underutilized parks and recreation, said Superintendent Brian Metcalf.

“We want a good relationship to establish good programs,” said Kim Mulvenna, vice president of the Board of Education. “We are trying to get a partnership with Michigan National Resources to help further develop the Ledges.”

Grand Ledge’s Parks and Recreation have now been acquired by the school board, said Superintendent Brian Metcalf. The decision was made in order to integrate school programs so that sports like archery and baseball could utilize the parks, and it was the most viable financially for the town.

“There has been no support for the Grand Ledge Parks and Recreation issue for awhile,” said Metcalf. “There is finally a millage now to do so, $15,000 over the course of 2 years.”

However, this amount does not even touch the work that needs to be done on the parks, including the expansion of Jaycee Park and the revitalization of the Ledges.

“We are going to have to be self-sufficient in order to do this,” said Metcalf. “We are completely taking over the community recreation program.”

There were concerns over hiring a director for the parks awhile ago, Mulvenna said. However, there weren’t any applicants that stood out. For this reason, there will be no director, but a board of people who will make decisions.

“We need dedication,” said Mulvenna. “This is going to include the Ledge Meadows, Ledge Craft Lane, and other adults in Grand Ledge in order to make this a success.”

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