Williamston Public Schools millage to be on May 5 ballot

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By Meagan Beck
The Williamston Post

On May 5, Williamston voters can expect to see the the school district asking them to pass measures which would allow it to renew their 18-mill operating levies.

If the tax dollars are lost, the school district warns that a major budget crisis will occur.

The 18 mills is about 8 percent of the district annual budget – or $1.3 million.

A flier from the district says voting against the millage would result in cuts of about $712 per student.

The state already provides $6,414 per student but according to the flier, the cuts would be “devastating to our schools.”

The 18-mill levy was approved in 1994 and renewing it would continue taxing local businesses on their property and not homeowners.

If passed, the renewal will last for 20 years.

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