Will you vote yes for roads?

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By DeAnna Sanders
The Holt Journal

Rick Knop, co-owner of American Asphalt Lansing

Rick Knop, co-owner of American Asphalt Lansing

In this year’s May election, the ballot will have a proposal on raising the sales tax on the roads from 6 percent to 7 percent.

Rick Knop, co-owner of American Asphalt in Lansing, works in office bidding, estimations, asphalt paving/patching, asphalt sealing, drain repair and hot pour rubber crack filling in both Lansing and Holt.

“I just wish they wouldn’t have tangled up the two issues. I mean the sales tax to account for the road funding, education funding and long-term debt,” Knop said.  “I wish they would have kept the road bill entirely separate and the money that is raised for the roads go directly to the roads.”

Evan Hope, Delhi Charter Township Clerk,  said, “Who represents us locally, statewide and nationally is up to us. Many proposals are also put to the people to decide.”

“I will probably vote yes for that proposal. I just wish there was a more cleaner way to make the proposal,” Knop said. “To where the voters knew exactly what they were doing as far as in terms of their vote.”

He said Michigan roads are in worse repair than roads in other states. He continued, saying the cost of repairs is determined by whether they are surface repairs or total reconstruction.

“There are some numbers out there per mile like for the county road commissions.” Knop continued, “To reconstruct the sidewalks, curb and gutters to totally remove and replace, this is just a general guess estimate, so it would probably be $80,000 and that’s a very broad guess.”

This is a big issue, according to Hope. “The only issue most of us will have on our ballot is the statewide proposal.”

The election will be May 5.

–DeAnna Sanders

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