Warmer weather brings rise to missing pets in Grand Ledge

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By Ani Stambo
Living In The Ledge

Since the beginning of spring on March 20, there have been seven dog and cat sightings posted by concerned residents on the Grand Ledge community Facebook page.

Seven more Facebook users also posted on the page about their missing pets, and only a couple of these owners have been reunited with their furry companions.

In regards to the rise of missing pets in the Grand Ledge area recently, Kristen Stalling, a veterinarian at Grand Ledge’s House Call Veterinary, is not shocked.

“With the weather becoming warmer, pets are going outside more,” Stalling said.

What really can make a difference, according to Lansing Waverly Animal Hospital receptionist Heather Joss, is microchipping.

A microchip is like an ID that never goes away. When a scanner is passed over a dog or cat, the microchip gets enough power from the scanner to transmit the microchip’s ID number.

Microchips that are registered through a recovery database can contact owners when the scanner identifies the pet.

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