Two Mason businesses apply for liquor license

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By Harrison Thrasher                                                                                                     The Mason Times

City Council was notified of liquor license applications during an April 6 meeting. The applications have also been sent for state approval.

The two businesses applying are City Limits Grill and Bowling Center, as well as a new party store at 515 N. Cedar St. that has yet to be named. Mason residents better know the new party store as the “old canvas back building” according to City Administrator Martin Colburn.

“There are many types of liquor licenses to apply for,” said Colburn. “In this particular case, the license must be approved by both the state and City Council.”

Because the property of 515 N. Cedar St. has not been used for several years, it could go under renovations to become something new. The current structure would likely not be ideal for a party store.

“Right now it just looks like a vacant building,” said Mayor Michael Waltz. “The nature of the company hints that there may be a change in the street view soon.”

The primary reason Waltz mentioned this is because should the liquor license pass, City Council would also likely have to approve a project by the company to either renovate or rebuild.

City Council awaits word from the state regarding the applications.

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