Township considers video streaming of board meetings

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By Katie Morang
The Holt Journal

The township board met April 7 to discuss recording and posting videos of meetings.

David Leighton, owner of Leightronix, a company that provides audio and video recording equipment, was at the meeting to answer questions.

“I’ve been a resident of Delhi Township for a long time, and we, as a company, had donated this technology to Delhi Township sometime ago,” said Leighton. “One of the responsibilities of being a corporation in the area is to give back to the community, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here.”

Leighton and his company originally offered to donate their services and equipment to give Delhi with the ability to record and stream its township meetings, it never materialized.

“Some folks had previously expressed interest in this, but it never really gained any traction. This is a new concept and it’s one of those things where you have to have the momentum in order for it to work,” said Leighton. “There is renewed interest in leveraging this technology so I was simply here as a courtesy to the township, to answer their questions and to explain how it all works.”

Leighton and his company provide services for many other municipalities in the area. He works with the city of Oak Park, Sterling Heights, Okemos Public Schools and many more.

“A lot of the other regions in the area have this technology and the questions is whether we want to move forward here in Delhi Township. There definitely are pros and cons,” said Leighton.

The board and Leighton discussed the different pros-and-cons.

“Once we film a board meeting we have to put it out there. We can’t edit anything out or choose to just not broadcast it,” said Trustee John Hayhoe.

The idea of having video out there for the public to see is intimidating to some.

“One of the things I always fear is that we’re going to put a video out there and someone else is going to tweak it,” said Trustee Jon Harmon.

Nothing has been finalized yet. The board plans to continue discussing the idea of recording their meetings in the future.

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