Sport Shows Promotions of Michigan brings Gun and Knife Show to Ingham County

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By Darien Velasquez
Ingham County Chronicle

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Starting at 2 p.m. April 10, Sport Shows Promotions of Michigan will be hosting the Lansing and Mason gun and knife show at the Ingham County Fairgrounds and Exposition Center, the best edc knives and the best hunting gear all under one roof. Starting this week, Sport Shows Promotions will be accepting dealer reservation forms as well as searching for potential buyers. According to Sport Show Promotions of Michigan, when bringing firearms into the show there are proper guidelines you must follow.

According to owner Sally Carl, this covers a wide range of items such as shotguns, rifles, handguns, scopes, shooting supplies, fillet knives, military surplus, and even some collector items. Someone can expect to sell or purchase gun cases, archery items, knives, most firearms and many more. There will also be wild game jerky inside. Sally Carl says that “This is the biggest and best gun show in Michigan with some pretty awesome dealers.” She continued to say “This is the most popular time for guns.” This is due to the extreme popularity due to the upcoming season.

According to owner Doug Carl “This is a way to find vendors for your own gun show especially for startup promoters who are out there looking.” This show provides opportunities to sell and find specialty items as well as meet and mingle with others in the community with the same interests. All private collectors are welcome.
All items must be purchased the day of the show. Discounts apply to seniors 62 or older and anyone with a Military ID, active or non-active. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. All federal, state and local firearm ordinances and laws must be followed and obeyed.

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