Recycle Rama

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Recycle Rama

By Alexia Rodarmer
The Meridian Times

If you have items in your home that are sitting in the corner collecting dust, or you don’t know what to do with them, look no further.  Meridian’s Recycling & Waste Management Community Organization holds events where you can recycle and donate all your unused goods.

This organization held several events starting in January and three more in April.  The organization held two events on April 18, one of them called Recycle Rama.  At this event, you could recycle and donate items ranging from medicines to electronics.

The event was held at and sponsored by Ingham County Health Department.  Cars lined Cedar Street to drop off unused goods.  Volunteers would then unload everything that was brought to the event and then the individual would drive off.  Recycle Rama is a “drop off and go” type of event.  Stations lined the Health Department’s parking lot with signs specifying which items were being collected at that station.

Regional Recycling Coordinating Committee member Dave Smith has been a member for 15 years and continues to work with Meridian’s recycling events.

“It’s a beautiful day, last year we had cruddy weather,” said Smith, ”that may or may not help us, it’s hard to say.  I’ll predict and say that we will get a little bit more (this year).”DSCN5114

In past years, this event accepted household fats, oils and grease, but this year it did not.

“We just didn’t get much of it, and it wasn’t worth having a special station for it,” said Smith, “there are year-round opportunities for that and I think people take more advantage of that.”

Some stations were sponsored by organizations that wanted to be a part of the Recycle Rama event.  District manager of Thrift Shannon Miller was at the event with Volunteers of America to collect clothing.

Volunteers of America had been involved with this event for four years, but this year was Miller’s first.

“Our recycling is a little bit different, we actually sell the stuff and give things to the community and give to those who are in need,” said Miller.

DSCN5127Recycling is part of Meridian’s community.  People from all over the county either choose to come to Meridian’s recycling events with their companies, or to volunteer.

Kurt Hamel volunteered to direct traffic at Recycle Rama.  He said that one of his frat brothers decided to volunteer for the event and Hamel decided to volunteer with him.  This was his first time volunteering and he said that he would do it again.

“I didn’t know this many people came to recycle and they seem to need the help,” said Hamel, “it’s a great opportunity to help the community.”

Items are taken to different companies after the event to either be reused or properly recycled.

In 2014, the organization collected four semi-truckloads of electronics, 140 bikes, 325 pounds of old medicines and three truckloads of household items that were donated to Habitat for Humanity.  Items were either refurbished, recycled, or donated to other organizations.

This year’s collection numbers will be announced after all of the events have occurred.

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