New exhibit opens at Hannah Community Center art gallery

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By Shireen Mohyi
Entirely East Lansing

 Canadian artist Jill Campbell uses a wide range of mediums in her artwork from watercolors to mixed media.

Canadian artist Jill Campbell uses a wide range of mediums in her artwork from watercolors to mixed media.

From April 5 to 29, The Public Art Gallery at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center will showcase the work of photographer, educator and author Jill Campbell.

Her exhibit is titled “Global Culture, Naturally” and features photography and paintings from her travels across the world.

Campbell is a Canadian artist who has been inspired by the life and culture of France, Italy, Ireland, American Southwest, Tibet, India and Salt Spring Island, according to her personal website.

The Public Art Gallery aims to present exhibitions that “introduce new cultural ideas and provide personal experience with visual art in a meaningful way,” according to the City of East Lansing official website.

Art Gallery Director of the Hannah Community Center Yvette Robinson said that Campbell’s interpretation of the world around her offers a unique perspective of people. Robinson believes that Campbell’s art is something that East Lansing will appreciate due to the eccentric creativity of the artist.

“We rotate artists on a monthly basis and we attract an eclectic variety of artists for exhibition at the Public Art Gallery. We encourage most styles of art, with the exception of erotic and/or nude related works, as we are child and family friendly.”

East Lansing and its neighboring communities have a gamut of artists who are in search for venues to present their artwork and The Public Art Gallery is one of many. Robinson said she is consistently pleased with all artists who exhibit at the gallery.

Dewitt resident Kathy Harrington said she is a frequent visitor of the The Public Art Gallery and loves how accessible the gallery is for art fanatics such as herself.

“I was just here last month to see the Mark Sullivan gallery, it was really lovely. I love Jill Campbell though, I’ve been a fan of hers for many years. I think her pieces are very beautiful, she has a very unique style. She really captures something in her art that the normal eye would miss.”

Campbell produces abstract paintings and many photographic portraits. Her mediums include watercolor, gouache, oil, and a mixed media of gold leaf, fabric, pen and ink, according to Campbell’s official website.

Robinson said that feedback from the community is positive on all of the talliers and attendance at their exhibits are constant and all age groups are attracted to the art galleries.

MSU nursing major Emily Rathburn said she heard about Campbell’s exhibit in one of her classes from a professor and thought it was worth visiting.

“I have a professor who is a big fan of the galleries displayed here and I had a free hour so I thought I would come by. I’ve really liked what I’ve seen here, every piece is so different from the next. I really like how she has all of these types of paintings and then photography. She clearly has a lot of talent.”

The Public Art Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is located on the second floor of the Hannah Community Center.

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