Lansing City Council goes through changes in leadership

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By Micah Davis
Listen Up, Lansing

After gaining the votes of her fellow council members, Judi Brown Clarke was reelected as vice president of the Lansing City Council on March 30.

According to Brown Clarke’s biography on Lansing’s website, Brown Clarke has a bachelor’s degree in audiology and speech science, and a master’s in education along with a doctorate in public policy and administration.

Due to a change in leadership, the council was to elect and vote for a new leader as vice president. FullSizeRender

Council member at large Carol Wood said this process is usually taken care of at the first meeting of every year. However, after Derrick Quinney, previous elected president of the council, transitioned into and accepted another official position, there was an open spot left on the council.

“Normally this process is all taken care of at that first meeting in January, but because of the fact that there was this switch in things that went on. This is why it occurred so late in the year,” Wood said.

Wood said Quinney accepted the position as the new Ingham County register of deeds, leaving Tina Houghton as the new president of the council.

“Derrick applied for another elected official job with the county, and the person who held that job had been elected to the senate, so that position became open,” Wood said.

In being elected vice president by the council, Brown Clarke ended up gaining 6 out of 7 votes.

“It gives me affirmation that I’m doing a good job—number two, there’s some things from having been on multiple boards, there’s some things that I’d like to bring from those experiences,” said Browne Clarke.

As vice president, Brown Clarke said her duties range from budgetary to public policy, and ensuring that the citizens are protected.

“The mayor oversees the city, whereas the council is the checks and balance of the people,” Brown Clarke said.

After being elected as vice president her very first year joining the council to being reelected after the changes in leadership, Brown Clarke said she feels very accomplished.

“I know how to create a team and bring people together, that’s something that was rewarded last year and rewarded again this year,” Clarke said.

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