Holt schools jumpstart college education

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By Katie Morang

The Holt Journal


Holt Public Schools began a partnership with Lansing Community College in April 2013 that allowed high school seniors to take college courses, during their regular school day, at no added cost. Two years later, after much success, these college courses are available to freshmen, sophomores and juniors too.

Students are able to take college courses at the high school in writing, psychology, sociology and the humanities. Theses courses fit the high school’s requirements while giving students a head start on their college education.

“We are really excited about this,” said Superintendent Dr. Johnny Scott. “This shows that we have a substantial number of kids who are ready to go to the next level.”

The opportunity to earn college credit at no added cost is encouraging for parents, not just students.

“I think we will eventually see that this alters Holt’s rate of students who will go to college,” said Holt mother Amy Dalton. “When you already have a foot in the door, even if it’s just six credits, for some kids who might be borderline on whether or not they want to go to college, it’s that extra little push that they need.”

The outcome of these college courses has been highly favorable.

“It’s not like students are being provided with this opportunity and they’re just doing the bare minimum and passing, they’re getting A’s and B’s,” said Holt parent Phil Chase.

After the first year of these courses, students finished with an average GPA of 3.42.

“It is encouraging that our kids are not only taking these college courses, but they’re passing them too,” said Scott.


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