Fun swims provide spring break fun

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By Julie Dunmire
The Williamston Post

Spring has finally sprung, and with K-12 students counting down the days until spring break, finding ways for school-aged kids to stay active while on break can be tricky.


Kelly Stuart lifeguards for the campers

Luckily for parents, the Williamston Community Pool and Fitness Center had a day camp to keep the youngsters busy.

The day camp is held the week of spring break and gives parents an option other than day care or another babysitter watching their kids.

Camper Lihi Ruvio said she really enjoyed her week off from school. Her favorite game at camp is “Sharks and Minnows,” and she said that a day at camp sure beats a day at school.

“You get to go swimming and make new friends. I like it,” said Ruvio.

Kelly Stuart is in charge of wrangling the 20 plus campers running around this break. Her favorite part of the day is the calm after the storm–movie time after some blowing of steam at the swimming pool.

“We’re running everywhere with them, because we’re one of those camps that likes to run with them, rather than telling them to go do something,” said Stuart. “We’ll play with them. We’re always a part of it.”

In addition to the day camp, the Williamston Community Pool and Fitness Center also offers fun swims. At various times throughout the week of spring break, and sometimes in the summer,  the pool offers admittance at a discounted rate of $3 per person. The normal price for open swim is $4 per person.

Jennifer MacGillis, pool coordinator, says that the day camp, along with fun swims, is a great alternative form of childcare over breaks from school.

“It gets them out of the house, and is something a little different if they do daycare the rest of the year. It keeps the kids active,” said MacGillis.

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