City treasurer goes on maternity leave

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By Julie Dunmire
The Williamston Post

The City Council voted to cover the maternity leave of City Treasurer Rachel Piner.

“Basically, we have really good staff here at city hall,” said Piner. “Being able to go and be home is very important to me, because the competent staff here can take care of things when I’m gone.

Since another person left their treasury position, her absence is all the more important to fill, according to the city manager.

Mayor Noah Belanger says that the fulfillment of this position is important, so everything can continue to run smoothly.

“It’s a step ladder that allows the city manager and the city clerk to work together,” said Belanger. “It’s the right way to do things.”

Piner left the week of April 13, and is expected to be back sometime at the end of the summer.

“It’s gonna be more of a workload for the staff, but you deal with it and move on. Longer hours, but everybody picks up a little bit and we continue on, said city manager Alan Dolley.

Dolley spent 17 years as treasurer, and says that things are in good hands while the transition is being made.

Dolley says that  the city already has an employee lined up to take over for Piner. When Piner gets back from maternity leave, the city will begin the hiring process to find someone to fill the additional open position.

Piner will have her job waiting for her when she comes back.

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