Cinderella will go to the ball (with a bit of community help)

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Ani Stambo
Living In The Ledge

Spring has sprung. Shedding winter’s layers and a breath of fresh air, everything is new again. And, with the beginning of the transition into summer comes certain occasions: spring-cleaning, flooding, or breaking out the good old sunblock.

On a lighter note, there’s one tradition in reassurance to look forward to for some: prom.

Something many teen girls think about during her time in high school is prom night. Some go, and some don’t. For the girls that do go, though, there’s one thing on the top of the list to get: a dress.

It’s easy for a girl to make the style and color of the dress she wants appear in her head, but it’s not easy to make the money appear for some.

“It’s like a counseling office. The adults in the building pass the news, and they always let us know,” Nancy Folkertsma, secretary for the student services office at Grand Ledge High School said, “We have a very generous community.”

What Folkertsma is referring to is the beginning of a Grand Ledge student receiving a prom dress when they can’t afford one.

After confiding in a faculty member, the student is able to pick from racks of donated dresses.

“We do keep it low-key. For freshman formal, junior prom, senior prom… everyone is getting ready,” Folkertsma said, “Every year is different, and when the season is over the leftover dresses are packed away.”

Grand Ledge High School Student Services isn’t the only place to turn to for help in a dress dilemma. The Dowry Bridal Salon located on 315 S. Bridge St. (downtown Grand Ledge) has a $5 sale right now on dresses, just in time for prom season.

For prom hopefuls who don’t want to go the bridal shop route, take the social media route then. Grand Ledge’s community Facebook page is scattered with girls selling their old prom dresses.

One example of this is Grand Ledge High School student Abbey Turner.

“Six prom/formal dresses for sale ranging from $45 to $400. Message me for details on sizes, prices, and conditions,” Turner posted Mar. 2 to the community page.

The lesson learned here is don’t underestimate a girl on a mission, because Cinderella will go to the ball.

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