Apple Watch upcoming release reaches the Meridian Mall

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Marlene Saucedo (left) and her sister Crystal Saucedo enjoy their iPhones after a night of shopping. Crystal Saucedo says she chose Apple when it came to her phone and laptop because of how fast the programs run compared to other products.

By Lauren N. Shields
The Meridian Times

Apple announced that its Apple Watch will be available on April 24, though the watch could be pre-ordered starting April 10 after 12:01 a.m. Having come a long way from its first iPhone in 2007, Apple is calling this product its most personal device yet. Its features are not limited to its appearance and telling time, but include social and health aspects.

According to the Apple website, some specific features of the Apple Watch include the basic features of one’s iPhone as well as customizable faces, personalized activity goals and the ability to send not only text messages, but also taps, sketches and heartbeats to friends and family. The Apple Watch has three collections including, prices lowest to highest, the Apple Watch Sport, the standard Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition. Prices of the watch range from $349 to $17,000, depending on the model and size — the $17,000 watch being 18-karat gold. Though Okemos resident and Michigan State University sophomore Bahar Shugayeva said that she loves Apple, she would never consider purchasing a watch.

“It’s a waste of money,” said Shugayeva. “I have my iPhone here and I just don’t find (the watch) really usable.”

Michigan State University freshman Alec Kangas, however, saw benefits to having both an iPhone as well as an Apple Watch.

“If I wanted to take the watch off, I’d still have my phone, or I can always just use my watch instead of the phone,” said Kangas. “Like, if I’m running or doing something like that, so I didn’t have to have the phone in my pocket or holding it, the watch is just on my wrist.”

Though Kangas also said that to spend $17,000, the watch would have to have features such as a projector for presentations.

Lansing resident Brandon Walker, age 31, had a similar outlook, saying that the watch would have to be able to spin straw into gold before he spent $17,000 for it.

As far as the Apple Watch Sport watches, Lansing Community College sophomore Crystal Saucedo said she would be willing to pay the $349 if the watch came in a style and color that she liked. When it comes to a high-fashion designer watch, she would spend at most $300, so she would spend the extra $49 for the applications of the Apple Watch.

Lansing resident Brian Gascoyne, age 32, also said that $349 was a good price for the watch, his main incentive to purchase also being fashion.

“I wear more, like, bracelets” said Gascoyne. “I’m not really a watch person, so more for fashion, or just to have something different.”

East Lansing mother of four Heather Rivera, age 45, said that the Apple products she has purchased for her children have been solely based on their requests, rather than her own preferences. While she has considered purchasing an Apple Watch for a significant other, she would never consider purchasing one for herself.

“I only have an Apple Nano thing, so I don’t know much about it,” said Rivera. “I would never buy one for myself because it is too much money, but he likes gadgets and I think he would enjoy it with his phone so he wouldn’t have to pick up his phone all of the time.”

According to an anonymous Meridian Mall AT&T employee, it will not be carrying the Apple Watches at all.


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