'Anything Goes' at Holt High School

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By DeAnna Sanders
The Holt Journal

"Anything Goes"- Act 1

“Anything Goes”- Act 1

As students begin planning of summer festivities, Holt High School brings some fun to the end of the school year by performing an original Broadway production. The production “Anything Goes” was created in 1934. It invites its audience to enjoy a love comedy about the right guy trying to get the right girl taking place on a cruise to England.

Monty Bishop, director and music teacher, said, “The production is intended to provide the students some fun and an great out-of-the classroom learning opportunity.”

Rachel Stacey, senior and assistant director, said, “The actors learn first of all how to be more confident in themselves because even if they don’t feel confident they have to act like they are, which at the end of the day whether they know it or not gives them confidence. They also learn how to work with people they do not necessarily like and how to problem solve.”

Bobby Rose, senior and football player, portraying the gangster Moonface Martin, says the production helped him become more confident.

"Anything Goes"- Act 1

“Anything Goes”- Act 1

“I was scared at auditions because the character I’m portraying is different from who I am as a person,” said Rose. I have more of a chilled personality and the character is goofy. Mr. Bishop helped me overcome my fear, he talked to me privately and gave me a little pep talk before we went out there and afterwards I felt more confident as the play went on.”

Rose recommends participating in a play and the choir because it builds friendships and relationships that are lifelong.

Melody Baker, senior, choreographer of a tap number in the play and student portraying Reno Sweeney, felt that the preparation for the production was tough.

“We have a lot of people who are in a lot of other things: AP classes, sports, and so many more activities,” said Baker. “It made it hard for everyone to be here, but everyone made it work. It’s been pretty stressful remembering all of the lines, cues, lyrics and everything. Regardless, I would recommend it to anyone; it’s such a great experience, we’re kind of like a family.”

You do not have to be an actor to be a part of the play there are several teams that play just as important roles as the actors; there is the technical, make-up and costume team said Stacey.

"Anything Goes"- Act 1

“Anything Goes”- Act 1

Mindy McGhan, junior, stage left crew chief, said, she found her place on the tech team.

“I’m honestly really shy. So I would rather be working the spotlight than be out in the spotlight,” said McGhan. “As stage left crew chief I’m in charge of the set on stage left and how it’s placed.”

McGhan says the highlight of the play for her is the people, even now when everything is so crunched for time.

Susan Morgan, technical director and parent of the lighting designer, said she really connects with the kids and enjoys working with them.

"Anything Goes"- Act 2

“Anything Goes”- Act 1

“Some of the kids have said to me what are they going to do when my daughter graduates because they won’t have me anymore and they can’t do this without me. That just touches my heart,” said Morgan. “I tell them they don’t have to do it without me because whether she is here or not I can still come and help.”

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