Adult Writers Group draws attention

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Micki Magee, a librarian at the Williamston Library and the creator of the Adult Writers Group, reads over a piece during the March 4 meeting.

By Jacob Allen
The Williamston Post

When Micki Magee, a librarian at the Williamston Library, created the Adult Writers Group she had the goal of helping local writers. Magee emphasized the importance of assisting writers to become more comfortable in their work. After three months, the group averages around four members per meeting, with as many as six on and off. The group meets once a month at the Williamston Library.

“For this group the goal is to help each other become more confident in our writing, to be more secure and to become better writers,” said Magee. “Publishing will come naturally after you have confidence in your writing.”

To become more confident writers the group focuses on peer review sessions and discussing what each other can do to improve their writing.

“When we get together we give each other critiques. We think of the piece and how it could be improved. We also discuss what we think is good about the piece” said Magee. “A lot of people who are writers don’t have the confidence to put themselves out there. This is a really valuable resource for them.”

Each member of the group writes in different styles, including fiction, non-fiction and personal experiences.

“I usually write about experiences I’ve had,” said Zach McAllister, who has come to two Adult Writers Group meetings. “When you look back on things, writing can give you a different perspective than during the actual event.”

Vincent Tomanica has come to all three Adult Writers Group meetings. Tomanica says he usually writes fiction and is working on a novel.

“I think writers are just as important any other job in society. Being a good writer is essential because you can articulate things for those that can’t do it for themselves and you can help them develop their own thoughts,” said Tomanica. “That’s what a really good fiction writer does, among other things.

“Writers are important to society and whole nations have been founded based on poems and novels that have been written. They unite a community. This is exemplified with Dante in Italy. On a smaller scale it’s happening right here in these writers groups with a community of writers helping each other to find their voice and develop their thoughts.”

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