Women-owned businesses taking over Williamston

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Tina Brookhouse teaches a class at her studio, Tina Brookhouse Fitness.

By Teresa Fata
The Williamston Post

Women-owned businesses are quickly taking over in Williamston. The staggering number of women owning and operating their own businesses in Williamston is growing, and their businesses are, as well.

Many women are opening new businesses, such as Dawn-Marie Joseph, who is set to open the Blue Button Bakery soon. She says that despite the fact that she already owns many businesses in Williamston, she wanted to open a bakery because she loves baking with friends.

 However, Joseph has often felt at a disadvantage as a woman.

“At times men can be very flippant with a female business owner, even in this day and age,” Joseph explained. “Women are usually more verbal and a lot of men don’t care for that.”

 Because so many women own businesses in Williamston, many haven’t often felt at a disadvantage as Joseph has. In fact, most see advantages to being women business owners in Williamston.

Tina Brookhouse, the owner of Tina Brookhouse Fitness Studio, employs mostly female instructors, and credits a lot of the female business owners’ success to her landlord, Teresa Wood. 

“There’s a camaraderie between the women business owners,” Brookhouse elaborated. “My landlord is one of the most supportive, and all of the women business owners look to her for advice! She’s so wonderful telling everyone in town about our businesses.”

Joseph is a large proponent of the growth of the downtown Williamston area, and believes that a lot of female business owners are attracted to the community that comes along with being part of Williamston.

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Tina Brookhouse is one of many women who own businesses in Williamston.

 “(We like) a smaller, maybe more intimate way to do business where we can know our clients,” said Joseph. “Williamston is a very family oriented type of town and it’s a comfort to know that customers understand that you have a family.”

 Amy Mirate, the owner of Spagnuolo’s, also credits a lot of the success of female business owners to Williamston to their ability to recognize what makes this town special.

 “I think women are dominating Williamston businesses perhaps, because… they want to improve the economy in the downtown area and they see its great potential,” said Mirate. There are a tremendous amount of fabulous new restaurants and shops in Williamston and they all contribute to its charm.”

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