School board gets its props

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By Sean Deters
Entirely East Lansing

The school board meeting on Jan. 26 was one of celebration and recognition.

January celebrates the contributions of the late Martin Luther King Jr.

The Board of Education recognized student essay winners in the Martin Luther King Jr. Greater Lansing Area Holiday Commission’s annual essay contest. The top essay was awarded $500.

Winners from East Lansing included Austin Brown, Razia Muhammadi, Ahmed Sufyan and Madison Foley. Sufyan and Brown were present at the meeting and read their poems. The Board presented them with certificates of recognition.

The school district received a gift from boosters at the meeting.

Andrew Erickson and Rob Thompson  presented a check to the school district to help pay for concession area upgrades that were required by the state.

East Lansing School Board President  Nell Kuhnmuench was thankful for the donation given by the boosters.

“The Board of Education was most appreciative of the donation made by the boosters. They are an important part of our community” said Kuhnmuench.

“They provide support to our students in the pursuit of their learning experiences and enrich our school community in many ways. For that, we are deeply grateful,” said the School Board president.

 In other reported news, a change in standardized testing is taking place at MacDonald Middle School.

Karen Hoene, the principal at MacDonald Middle School, reported that the M-STEP will replace the MEAP this year.

The M-STEP will test students on knowledge from the current school year whereas the old test drew questions from the previous year.

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