Robots rumble at local elementary school

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By Bryce Airgood
The Williamston Post

There was an unusual number of robots at Discovery Elementary School Friday, Feb. 20. Even more unusual, they brought their mothers.


Carter and Cooper enjoying the cookies.

It was the third annual mother-and-son dance, and the theme was a robot rumble.

“For a theme, we try to go with what’s trending,” said Jennifer MacGillis, director of the pool, fitness center and community enrichment at the Williamston Community Pool.

This year, robots were the trend, influenced by the release of “Big Hero 6” according to MacGillis. The couples could come dressed to the theme, in their “Sunday best” or in everyday clothes. Some of the workers, such as Kathryn Kufahl, also took advantage of the chance to dress up.

“I dress up for every one of these things,” Kufahl said. “I get a kick out of it.”

Some costume ideas didn’t go as planned.

“We put lots of time and effort into costumes,” said Kati Adams, mother of Andrew Adams. “But when we got to the restaurant (before the dance) and he saw all his friends, none of them were in costume. So we had to take them all off.”


Jim Smith, an owner of 4Front Photography, snaps a picture of Kati Adams, Andrew Adams and Linda Schwake.

One of the special features of the dance included a photo station run by 4Front Photography.

The couples could get a professional shot or, if they waited until 8 p.m., they could use props in a photo booth setting.

“My favorite part is seeing all the families we know,” said Jamie Smith, one of the owners of the business. “I love being local and being called the picture lady.”

When they weren’t having their pictures taken, the couples could go out to the dance floor where Jump Start DJ was playing. They could also help themselves to refreshments such as cookies, juice and water.

Kids and moms alike seemed to enjoy the dance.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Carter Smelser, 10. “I like hanging out with my friends and mom.”

Cooper Keener, also 10, agreed and added that the cookies were pretty good, too.

Judi Smelser, Carter’s mom, talked about how nice it was to have a dance for moms and sons as well as the annual father-and-daughter dance that will happen March 20.

“During the daddy-daughter dance we (Judi and Carter) used to just sit at home,” she said. “When Carter first saw a flyer for this dance (when he came home from school) he burst through the doors yelling “mom!” It was nice to see him so excited.”


Kufahl dressed in spirit of the occasion.

Although they were hoping for 200 people, MacGillis said that only 150 officially signed up. MacGillis attributed this to the weather.

“We had a couple snags with weather,” she said. “School was cancelled the last two days, and there was no mail Monday.”

The dance cost $27 per couple and $12 for each additional son. All proceeds went to the pool and fitness center and into other enrichment programs to make them more self-sustaining.

MacGillis said she hopes to see the dance grow in the future.

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