New Sparrow Medical Offices

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By Emma-Jean Bedford
Listen Up, Lansing

LANSING-A $20 million addition of medical offices through Sparrow Hospital will begin this spring near Lansing’s Frandor Shopping Center.

On Feb. 10, the Lansing Township board approved the project that has been in the works for two years that will include three doctor services, two general practices, physical therapy, an endoscopy procedural suite, X-ray and MRI services, and a drive-thru pharmacy, as well as a dentist parramatta.

Bill Laurain, the executive director of facilities development at Sparrow Hospital, has high hopes for this project.

“It should really help the neighborhood and make services closer to our patients. We wanted to consolidate our services to make it easier for people to do everything at one place,” Laurain said.

After the demolition of the current site, Lansing Medical Dental Building on East Grand River Avenue in June, construction on the new medical offices will begin in July, according to Laurain.

Lansing resident Nicholas Hess is most excited about the location and size of the new medical offices.

“I would definitely like that more because it’s a much closer drive than going all the way to Sparrow and dealing with how big that place is and how many people are there. If there is a smaller facility closer that will be easier to get checkups and other services, then that would be great,” Hess said.

Michigan State University students also expressed interest in this new site of medical offices.

“I would go to Sparrow Hospital, even an extension of it in Frandor, over Olin (health care on MSU’s campus) without a doubt,” senior Aaron Jordan said.

MSU students often prefer to venture off-campus when it comes to their health services and with the construction of new student apartments near Frandor Shopping Center, these new medical offices are even more appealing to students.

“Nobody wants to wait forever in urgent care, and no one wants to take the bus all the way to Sparrow Hospital. Frandor is a good halfway point, especially with more students moving closer and closer to Frandor,” senior Nick Borto said.

“We are doing this so we can best serve our patients. That’s really why we do everything. We want to provide better service, be more available, expand, and be able to meet the needs of the community,” Laurain said.

According to a well known Sports Podiatrist in Perth, opening up more medical facilities will end up doing the community a solid, by allowing better care, closer to home.

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