Mason 150 book launched

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By Kelley Waterfall
The Mason Times


Clinton with the Mason 150 book which she wrote for the sesquicentennial.

This year marks the 150th year, or sesquicentennial, of Mason. The town was founded on March 9, 1865 and today has over 8,250 residents

Becky Clinton, of Mason, is on the 150th steering committee. Two years ago, no one was making a book for the anniversary, so Clinton started to make it herself.

Clinton gathered information from the 100th and 125th anniversary books of Mason. “It wasn’t done on computer then, it was done on carbon paper and a typewriter,” said Clinton.

The book covers all 150 years of Mason in which Clinton used about seven sources, between newspapers, historical books, county books and more, she compiled all the years into one book.

Included in this book is the history of how Mason came to be a city, news stories from 1865 to the present, information on the school systems, churches and even a list of events for the 2015 year. Funding for printing was made possible by advertisements of the local businesses around Mason

Clinton was born and raised in Mason and her father helped found the hospital. Clinton said she is very passionate about Mason. “I could drive around and I see the past, and the buildings that were there, and I remember everything and Mason is a very special town” she said.

The 150th Mason book will be sold for $15 at Best Sellers, The Chamber of Commerce, Maple Street Mall, Mason History Museum and at the City Hall. The books will have a spiral binding and will be printed on an old-fashioned paper.

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