Meridian's Lenten practices vary

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The New Hope church in Meridian

The New Hope church in Meridian

By John Moffett
The Meridian Times

The season of Lent is upon us, where Christians give up something for 40 days to remind themselves of when Jesus Christ spent 40 days in the desert. People in Meridian are giving up many different things for Lent.

Nancy King, a grandmother who lives in Meridian, said she gave up chocolate for Lent.

“Chocolate is my weakness.” King said. “I always have a little bowl of chocolate in my house, so I know it will be hard, but I think I can do it. And it will be even harder considering all the chocolate I got from my husband and my grandkids.” When asked what she did on Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras, where people indulge themselves on what they are about to give up for 40 days, she said, “Oh I had a lot of chocolate, I wouldn’t like to say how much, but probably too much for the age I’m at.”

Brandon Scott, a 32-year-old resident, said he has decided to give up delivery food.

“I’m not giving up going to restaurants and getting pizza, just having it delivered it to my house, be a little bit less lazy and save some money.” Scott said. “And, hey, maybe I might lose a little more weight too.” For Fat Tuesday, Scott went all out on the delivery food. “I had Pizza Hut, Wings Over, and even got some Insomnia Cookies. That really was a Fat Tuesday.” Scott said.

Meagan Chapman, 22-year-old Michigan State student, said while she doesn’t attend mass at college, she does observe Lent.

“I mean it’s always good to give up something bad for 40 days right? I don’t go to church anymore but it’s good to get some of that stuff out of your system.” Chapman said. “I’m trying to not drink any alcohol, and work out more. Alcohol isn’t a necessity and I could always go to the gym a little more. Plus I’d be saving money not buying any drinks.” Chapman said. When asked about Fat Tuesday, Chapman said she celebrated the Saturday before. “My friends and I went out that night and had a lot of fun. Spent a little too much money, but it was all good.” Chapman said.

Lent ends on Easter, which is April 5, 2015

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