Lansing’s newest microbrewery has the attention of Lansing residents

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Downtown Lansing where many of local bars and attraction are found supporting their community

By Asha Dawsey
Listen Up, Lansing

A new microbrewery is to be launched in the summer of 2015 in Lansing called Ellison Brewery + Spirits. This new big trend of microbrewery has gotten various opinions from the Lansing public.

Ellison Brewery + Spirits was an idea shared by co-owners Eric Elliot and Aaron Hanson to produce handmade beer straight to the community, according to a press release. This new business has been highly anticipated from many locals, according to the Ellison Brewery + Spirits Facebook page.

“Microbreweries are one of three license types of distributing beer to retailers. Microbreweries tend to be local place where they service local beers to the community,” said Scott Graham, Executive Director of Michigan Brewers Guild.

The microbrewery will be located near the corner of East Michigan and North Cedar streets in downtown Lansing, according to its Facebook page.

Lansing resident Malaya Cedeno said, “I haven’t ever had locally made beer. I usually drink mainstream beers.”

Even though some locals are open for new businesses with a new taste Ellison is up for some competition from other breweries in and around the Lansing area.

Ellison Brewery + Spirits isn’t the only brewery in the Lansing area there is also EagleMonk Pub and Brewery which is located on 4906 W. Mt. Hope Highway in Lansing, according to the EagleMonk website. Lansing residents have noticed a large boom in the microbrewery business.

“If there are so many popping up, they might all start to die off all together,” said Ashley Markaic, an employee at the Green Door, a Lansing bar that not only serves main brand products but supports local alcohol distributors.

The small beer businesses have a great atmosphere and Markaic said she thinks that’s great, but it could be a sketchy business.

According to a report from Craft Beer by States, Michigan’s number of breweries has increase from 100 to 131 and up from the years 2011 to 2013 and continuing to increase.

“It couldn’t be a bad thing for more business especially for jobs but there are plenty of breweries that have been popping up in the last five years,” said Jeremy Whiting, a Lansing resident.

All of the breweries collectively produce 582,909 barrels of crafted beer per year, according to the report. Michigan breweries have a multi-million dollar impact on the economy.

“Most of the people that feel that this is an economic downfall are going to other places to find the same thing. So, why the hell not?” said Whitling.

Ellison Brewery + Spirits is in the mist of finalizing their location design and will continue in their efforts to create farm fresh local beer, according to the site.

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