Drivers enjoy low gas prices in Meridian

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Adam Zimmer

Adam Zimmer filling up his tank

By John Moffett
The Meridian Times

Gas prices have been down recently in the United States. Americans could save up to $452 dollars if current trends keep steady, according to We asked people what they were doing with that extra money in their pocket.

Cary Tims, a 29-year-old resident of Meridian, said that with freezing weather, most of his extra cash has been going into energy bills.

“With this winter being so cold, I’ve noticedmy energy bills just getting higher by the month.” Tims said. “The lower gas prices have really been helping out with the bills. I have been splurging on my girlfriend a little bit though. I think she’s worth it.” Tims said.

Adam Zimmer, a 21-year-old college student attending Michigan State University, has been spending his extra money wisely.

“With college textbooks being so high, I put my extra money in buying some.” Zimmer said. “In the fall semester I bought only one textbook, but now because of the gas prices, I was able to buy all the books I needed for my classes. The gas prices have really helped out.” Zimmer said.

Nancy King and her husband Jim King, have used their extra money on even more gas.

“With these lower gas prices, I would say we have visited our grandchildren more often.” King said. “These lower gas prices have really been a blessing. Not only have we visited them more but we also have gotten them more gifts for Christmas and for their birthdays coming up. I’m praying that these gas prices don’t spike up on us.” King said.

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