Clinton County Considers Communication System Enhancement Project

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By Jacob Herbert
Clinton County Chatter


The Clinton County Board of Commissioners met on Feb. 25, 2015 to discuss plans to build a communications tower in the Southeast region of Clinton County. The $1.29 million project has been discussed for almost 14 years now.

According to Clinton County documents, the tower will increase the effectiveness of the county’s communications system, making it easier for police to communicate with each other and will improve communications between citizens and police during any emergency.

“This tower is necessary because radio communications are not operable related to topography,” said Clinton County Administrator Ryan Wood.

Wood will be troubleshooting any problems that may occur during construction. He will also be responsible for overseeing the sight design and working closely with C2AE, the company which will be working on the tower.

According to Clinton County documents the goals of the tower include reducing the dark spots, which are areas with no coverage throughout the county, increasing the handheld radio coverage in southwest and southeast Clinton County and adding additional talk groups.

Clinton County documents also specified a previous tower was completed in 2012 in the southwest portion of the county. The construction of the tower did a lot of the things the southeast tower hopes to accomplish, including added additional talk groups, increased hand held radio coverage, improved radio communications with Fire and EMS and improved radio coverage that benefits 59 percent of the residents.

According to Clinton County Board of Commissioners Chairperson Robert Showers, the construction of the Southeast tower will benefit 79 percent of the county and there are even plans in the works to build a third tower that will benefit 100 percent of Clinton County.

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