Board looks for qualified legal counsel

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Bingqing Mao
The Meridian Times

The Meridian Township Board planned to have its request for proposals, for finding new legal counsels, finalized by March 6. Proposals will be due on March 31 at 5 p.m. and the committee will narrow the search to three firms, being prepared to submit that list to the township board at the April 21 board meeting.

Board Member John R. Veenstra said they had received many law firms’ applications and they were all interested in what kind of law firms they were looking for.

Treasurer Julie Brixie said that in the Feb. 24 meeting, the board stated a desire to keep the criminal prosecution services and cable TV legal services separate from other legal services.

Since the township didn’t have a law firm at this time, the board also approved the hiring of an interim attorney to be at the township for up to four months.

Ronald Styka, who is not only the legal services subcommittee member, but also an attorney, said, “The part-time attorney we hired should be sufficient until a full-time contract is entered into.”

Choosing a law firm is a priority because the township has so many legha needs including code enforcement, ordinance writing, labor issues, elections, real estate transactions and the defense of lawsuits.

The board members agreed that the most important quality that law firms should have is knowing about the township.

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