Meridian citizens fdvided on upcoming tax proposal

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The sales tax might rise with the approval of the new tax proposal

The sales tax might rise with the approval of the new tax proposal

The Meridian Times
By John Moffett

Meridian Township is divided for the upcoming vote on the 1-cent increase in sales tax, coming soon in the May election.

The upcoming proposal would raise the sales tax rate from 6 percent to 7 percent on all taxable items except gasoline and diesel fuel, in the effort to repair roads, increase the statewide school budget, and help support local governments. The bill will come up in the May 5, 2015 election.

In Meridian, some residents including Kenneth Couper says he supports it.

“I would vote yes.” Couper said. “The increase isn’t that drastic, plus no sales tax on gas sounds good to me. The roads do need some repair so I’m glad to see the government is putting some effort into fixing them.” Couper said.

Melissa Allen, owner of We Love Kids n Dogs located at Meridian Mall, said she would support the proposal as well.

“I would vote yes, the sales tax may go up, but I don’t think I would lose business over that.” Allen said. “Plus as my store would tell you, I love kids and anything to raise money for education I would support.”

On the other hand, local resident Torrance Carr said he would vote no.

“I barely have much money to start with. I don’t want to lose more because of more taxes.” Carr said. “If the government wants to get more money for roads I’m sure they can find that money somewhere else other than my wallet.” Carr said.

The deadline to register for the election is April 5.

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