Sycamore Creek logjam to be removed

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By Katie Morang

The Holt Journal

The Ingham County Drain Commission received a permit from the Department of Environmental on Feb. 17 granting it permission to remove a logjam in Sycamore Creek.

Now that a permit has been granted, Deputy Drain Commissioner Carla Clos has partnered up with James Ensign of Spicer Group to get the project moving.

“We came to a deal with Mackenzie, which is a contracting firm, to get the logjam out. James will be overseeing that project as it progresses,” said Clos.

Ensign is a civil engineer who works for Spizer Group and acts as a project manager.

“Some landowners identified that logjam as an issue because it is backing water up across some of the trails around Holt,” said Ensign.

However, the logjam is causing more issues than just flooding some paths.

“It also is backing water up into several of the county’s drains. Sycamore Creek is not a county drain but there are several of the county’s drains that outlet into it,” said Ensign.

According to Ensign, the contractor plans to be out at the creek working next week.

“In 2-3 days, they will have all the debris out of the river,” he added.

Many people, such as Township Supervisor C.J. Davis, are amazed that just one tree and brush could be causing so many problems.

“I’m surprised. I expected there to be more debris in there causing the blockage. But it’s a pleasant surprise that there isn’t too much we need to get removed,” said Davis.

The property owner of the land that the jam is on requested that the wood be chopped up and left on his property so that he can use it as firewood.

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