Ride that Bull — 46th Annual Spartan Stampede

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Hundreds packed into the MSU Pavilion for the 46th Annual Spartan Stampede.

“You got bulls, you got broncos, you got horses going fast it’s a fun family event. A rodeo clown to keep everyone entertained,” said Club Advisor of the MSU Rodeo Club Brian Nielsen.

For Bath Michigan resident Hallie Vail, she came to reminisce.

“To come out and watch the horses, this is something I’ve done in the past so it’s just nice to enjoy,” she said.

For others it was a time to shop at the various venders found outside the arena.

“It’s just a time out, my boots were wore out so why not buy them when they’re on sale,” said Tina Pung.

But for club member Mitch Carter, he came for the thrill.

“It’s a huge adrenaline rush,” said Carter. “If you’re an adrenaline junkie, bull riding is for you. You get on get spiked, amped up and you’re just ready to go.”

There’s plenty of action at the rodeo in the arena but there are plenty of things that go behind the scenes as well. Over 50 animals including calves, horses and even bulls that weigh up to 2000 pounds are back here waiting for show time.

“It’s pretty intense,” said president of the MSU Rodeo Club Mindy Hill. Back here’s pretty crazy because they’re switching stock.”

The rodeo brought in more than 3000 competitors from over 22 states including Canada. And with seven events in about two hours, Hill said there is little time to rest.

“The audience doesn’t see what goes on back here but every time there’s an event change or anything there’s a clown an announcer there’s always something going on and everything’s quick paced,” Hill said.

And for club member William Seeger, that usually means cleaning up what’s left behind in the stalls.

“We’re getting out all of the soil sawdust and basically like the poop so we’re able to resale theses for the contestants that are coming in.”

And with hard works comes the hours.

“I’ll probably spend at least 50 hours here if not more over the weekend so everyone is usually so tired that we all want to sleep,” Seeger added.

“They’re really tired by the time its over but its memories that will absolutely last, everyone says it last a lifetime but it really will,” Nielsen said.

Making everything worth the time and effort.

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