Meridian Township supports gay rights

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“Not having it legal is a violation to human rights.” - Tyler Bonnano

“Not having it legal is a violation to human rights.” – Tyler Bonnano

Meridian Township supports gay rights

By Alexia Rodarmer

The Meridian Times

The issue on how to handle homosexuality in the United States has been on people’s minds for years.  In the past, people were at risk of facing jail time if they identified as being homosexual or “gay.”  Although in recent years, we have become more relaxed with this issue, there are still some things that need to be addressed.  The discussion of same-sex marriage has been a major topic within the U.S. government since the early 1900s, and possibly even earlier.  Massachusetts was the first state, in 2003, to legalize same sex marriage, according to the Reuters website.  Other states have been legalizing this in the past few years, but others still have bans.

Tyler Bonanno, a man who identifies himself as bisexual, stated that the ban should be lifted and that “not having it legal is a violation to human rights.”

The United States’ 14th Amendment gives rights and equal protection to citizens, which is what Bonanno was referring to in his statement.

Jacob Herbert, who identifies himself as straight said “I honestly can’t think of a reason why someone would still be opposed to it.  You shouldn’t have a say on who someone loves.

Bonanno, who is also a treasurer for the fraternity Delta Lambda Phi, said that the fraternity is a “gay/bi/transgender progressive men fraternity that helps gay men feel accepted and gives them a sense of freedom at the university.”

The main goal of this fraternity is to help men feel comfortable in their own skin.

Meridian Township did their part in 2013, to support LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights by setting up an ordinance in their Township.

“We are fortunate in Meridian Township to live in a community that respects and celebrates diversity, even before we included LGBT protections into our nondiscrimination ordinances,” said Trustee Angela Wilson.  “We haven’t had any push back from the community and, in fact, we have had an outpouring of support for the ordinance.”

Although Meridian Township’s board can only guarantee rights to citizens in Meridian Township, Wilson said that they are going to “give open and vocal support for marriage equality.”  Wilson added, “I will continue to help win marriage equality and a change in the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act in Michigan to include the LGBT community in basic human rights.”

The U.S. Supreme Court has announced that they are willing to open the case on Michigan’s ban on same sex marriage.  The final decision is expected to be announced in late June.


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